Innovation for Social change in Bangladesh

Innovation is a crucial driver for social development. Code19 aims to use innovation coupled with the Internet of Things (IoT), to automate the central industries in Bangladesh—including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, supply chain, aquaculture and farming. We work with strong global partners to create innovative solutions for the industries in Bangladesh and capitalise the immense potential for future development.

These businesses are in dire need of innovation and automation, and we believe we can deliver and provide the right tools and techniques to bring about social change by maximizing the efficiency, cutting costs by eliminating system loss and ensuring quality management for its partner businesses.

Tech Education Accessible To All

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) and innovation has been a hot topic recently. However, due to its lack of knowledge and accessibility amongst general people, its use and implementation remain limited in Bangladesh. Code19 aspires to make tech education and its use widespread amongst every tech and non-tech individual—including students, professionals and institutions. Being the Education Distributor for Arduino in Bangladesh, we promote the advancement of STEM education. Through Arduino®, Code19 promotes the use of IoT for the startups and industrial purpose as well.

The mission of Code19 remains clear – making tech education available to all and work towards a more technologically advanced Bangladesh. Arduino Education is bringing a whole new revolution in designing the curriculum for the STEM education infrastructure all over the world. All programs include a range of electronics such as programmable boards, sensors, mechanical parts, simple open-source software, online content for students, and guided training and support for educators. Code19 being the first official education partner of Arduino in Bangladesh brings you the same products used professionally in companies around the world, in applications like rapid prototyping, AI, drone technology, and machine learning. Initiate the next generation learning experience with Code19 and Arduino!

Arduino® in Bangladesh

Code 19 is the proud education partner of Arduino® in Bangladesh.

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Code19 Education

Introducing STEM Education in Bangladesh!

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Agrotech for Sustainability

The booming population of the earth comes with the growing concern of producing more food with the limited natural resources that we are left with. The farming environment around the world has been declining every day and is creating long-term problems to fulfil the hunger of the increasing population. This current unsustainable practice seeks a solution through innovation, therefore, technology definitely can be the basis of sustainable agriculture of the future. Sustainable agriculture aids the environment by maintaining soil quality, reducing erosion, preserving water, and at the same time attaining the food production goal for the society.

Code19 helps to analyze the agricultural and farming environment with remote sensing and geographical information system that can be highly useful to take the sustainable agriculture practice to the next level businesses.

Code Aquarium

Output in the aquaculture industry is often compromised due to unhealthy pond conditions and high mortality rate. Code Aquarium automates the aquaculture industry to eliminate these issues….

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Moo Code

Mood Code crafts a solution to revolutionize the entire farming process all over the world. It offers products in two modes Leg Tag and Collar Tag. The integrated farm management solution comes with heat detection and calving alerts to help you detect which cow needs attention and speeds up the process.

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IoT for sustainable growth and innovation

The use of IoT around the world has been increasing every day as it is being deployed as one of the most impactful technologies that aids sustainable development of businesses and communities. Code19 is here to make you a part of this innovation and support you in achieving your business goals.

IoT tackles emerging industrial challenges with innovations that deliver sustainable solutions. IoT based innovations are providing a range of diverse industries with greater efficiencies and showing notable growth. The increasing use of devices connected to the internet has resulted in economic and social benefits including improved productivity, reduced hassle, and greater value creation. With IoT beside us, Code19 is ready to step towards the next big tech revolution around the world.


Code RMG

Code RMG is an integrated solution to equip garments with technology that can improve its time to market and enhance its operational efficiency.
Considering the largescale production in ready-made garments, ………

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Code Pharma

People are found to be increasingly concerned about the authenticity of medicine all over the world. Code Pharma uses the Internet of Things to automate the pharmaceutical companies to help them gain consumer trust and cut costs at the same time.

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