What is STEM?

STEM is an interdisciplinary and applied approach to learning and development that integrates four specific areas- science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is a curriculum that preaches the idea of educating students based on a model that is created by merging the four specific areas rather than teaching them in a discrete manner. STEM promises a cohesive learning environment that is based on real-world situations to help the students achieve much more than just learning.

Importance of STEM education

Did you know that 75% of all new jobs require skills in STEM? The global economy is shifting towards a way that is eliminating the current jobs due to automation and technological advancement. STEM embeds an individual with skills that will help to adapt to this changing world. Skills developed such as problem-solving, creativity, critical analysis, teamwork, independent thinking, initiative, communication, digital literacy help students to create the foundation of succeeding in career and beyond.

Code19 and STEM

With the current economic growth, Bangladesh is on its way to rising as a developing country. The 21st century demands us to be updated with the STEM revolution and shape up its curriculum structures starting from school to higher levels.

Code19 is ready to be a part of introducing STEM education in Bangladesh. We plan to provide proper advising in creating the STEM-based curriculum and equip the initiatives to get started. Get ready to be a part of the next-generation innovators with Code19. Let’s check out what’s on the making!

STEM for Middle/High School

Code19 is bringing next-generation learning experience to empower future scientists and artists and help them thrive. To give the conventional learning experience with theory and observation a new sphere, we are working to create an environment for the middle/high school students to build an understanding of the world around them through hands-on learning experiences. We are providing proper consultation for shaping the curriculum accordingly and facilitating the institutions with the necessary equipment to make the classroom a place where the students can think freely and innovate.

STEM for Tertiary Institutions

To prepare our students for the workplace in the best possible way, Code19 is bringing a new learning experience with STEM that integrates real-life professional skills through engineering, mechatronics, data processing and IoT. The students will get the opportunity to work in an industrial environment in their higher education institute with the right tools that increase their possibilities to succeed. Now the work experience begins before you start to work!

Virtual STEM Lab

Code19 is ready to incorporate the STEM wave in virtual platforms as well giving you access to the required setup you need. Enter the real-time learning zone being at the ease of your home or from different places through our virtual STEM lab. Now you can be a part of training sessions by the Global trainers all around the world being here in Bangladesh. Get ready to take the set of your skills to the next level with us!