“Code19 launches new course on Arduino Fundamentals Exam Preparation”

With a view to creating a strong skilled base on Arduino, Code19 is happy to launch Arduino Fundamentals Exam: Official Training Course for the very first time to prepare the passionate young minds for getting certified on the Arduino Fundamentals Exam. You can verify your Arduino knowledge with this certification and use this skill set in your professional life.

The course includes:
-Hands-on training on Arduino starter kit (https://store.arduino.cc/usa/arduino-starter-kit)
-Our certified trainers will provide you with proper training on how to pass the exam along with special model tests.

This course is open for fresh graduates, young professionals and researchers from all backgrounds. Get started with the basics of electronics, programming, and coding without any prior knowledge. We will go through the Arduino Starter Kit (official) that will guide you through 11 exciting lessons, introducing concepts like current, voltage, resistance, and important 21st century skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking. The course will include both remotely instructed theory classes and practical classes for hands-on experience. Code19 believes that this course will help the Arduino enthusiasts to prepare themselves for the Fundamentals exam and increase their confidence to a great extent.